Is there anything a thief wants more than a Ca$h Register full of your hard earned Money? Prevent your employees from becoming your silent business partners with this camera!

ATM machines can now be monitored remotely. You can have 24 hour access to your machines and store images from every transaction for a permanent video record.

Day Care Center Cameras allow parents to watch their children learn, play and grow. This ¡¥peace of mind¡¦ is priceless to parents who are nervous about their babies being away from home.

Minimize your employee down time & maximize overall office efficiency. You can keep track of lunch breaks, phone calls and personal affairs conducted on company time.

Our covert spy cams help you discreetly keep an eye on anything. This is an example of our smoke detector cameras. These cameras are undetectable and never lie.

Mounting one of our cameras in your inventory or stock room can help keep costs down by limiting employee theft. Shoplifters aren¡¦t the only ones who prey on small businesses!

Are your employees working while they are on the clock? Even when you are away? Check for yourself and monitor productivity and work habits.Great for theft watch too!

Whether you are working in your business or away from it, you can now keep an extra eye on the parking lot or anywhere else where you might need to document criminal activity.

Property Owners and Landlords now have the freedom to monitor their buildings and construction sites from anywhere. This will let you to oversee daily operations without having to be onsite.
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